Kim Moo Yeol’s Drunk Tweets to Yoon Seung Ah Reveals Their Secret Relationship

Actor Kim Moo Yeol‘s (30) tweets to “The Moon that Embraces The Sun“‘s Yoon Seung Ah (29) are spreading like wildfire online. The actor, who was apparently under the influence of soju, sent a series of mentions to Yoon Seung Ah unintentionally making their relationship public. He actually meant to send her a direct message on Twitter.

He tweeted, “I keep thinking about you on this late hour and deep night while drinking. I want to hear your voice. I want to see your face. I’ve been wanting to call you, but I eventually didn’t as I thought that you might be sleeping, I’m sending a message instead, again.”

A few minutes later, he tweeted again, “You are a variable in my life, since I met you I always feel anxious about the next day, awkward and insecure. Kim Moo Yeol ,who was only a half, became whole thanks to you. Sweet dreams. I’m just blathering tonight. I miss you.This is what I’ve been wanting to say.”

A representative of actress Yoon Seung Ah acknowledged that the two are indeed involved in a romantic relationship and stated, “They met last November. It’s true that they are dating as they feel comfortable being around each other. They are getting to know each other.” He then continued by saying, “Although they don’t meet often because of their busy schedules, they keep in touch and call each other often.”

Kim Moo Yeol, who wasn’t himself that night, might have confused mentions and direct messages. Instead of sending a secret message to his loved one, he showed his love for her to the world.

Isn’t that cute?