Brown Eyed Girls Narsha’s Embarrassing "19 Rated" Photo

Brown Eyed Girls member, Narsha, is gaining attention for her embarrassing “Rated 19” picture. The singer uploaded a picture on her Twitter while posting “That has to be on the banner…” on February 17.

In the uploaded picture, Narsha is wearing a retro outfit that looks like it came out from the 1970s while posing like a model in a commercial. The high waist bellbottoms show a noticeable fashion sense. The “Rated 19” on the banner behind Narsha makes the picture humorous.

Fans and netizens who saw the picture reacted with diverse responses, “Great timing!” “Narsha is now an actress-doll too,” and “Those are not bellbottoms but just high waist pants.”

In the meanwhile, Narsha is starring in MBC drama “Light and Shadow.”