Kara’s Nicole Thanks Nana and Key for Coming to Their Concert

KARA‘s Nicole, showed her gratitude after the concert.

The singer uploaded a picture taken together with After School‘s Nana, and SHINee‘s Key, on her Twitter, “Thank you to the friends who came to cheer! Everyone too. Friends, unnies (older females), oppas (older males) thank you so much” on February 20.

In the uploaded picture, Nicole is wearing a Mickey Mouse hair band while posing with Nana and Key. The three idol singers’ bright, brown hair color emphasizes their pale and good-looking faces. Nicole is gaining attention for having a smaller face than compared to Nana’s.

Fand and netizens who saw the picture reacted with diverse responses, “Superior visual,” “Nana has gotten prettier,” and “Do you make friends judging on their apperance?”