2PM Chansung Snaps a Photo with His Doppelganger

Earlier this morning, 2PM’s Chansung tweeted, “I arrived at the airport and found my doppelganger. Took a proof photo,” and uploaded a humorous photo.

In the photo, Chansung looked casual in a black leather jacket and a beanie with his hands inside his jean’s pocket. Right next to him, another man – also with a leather jacket and hands inside his pockets – wore a Chansung mask, humoring fans. The two were dressed in similar fashion and mirrored each other’s poses.

2PM’s Taecyeon commented, “Your doppelganger is very handsome. haha Who is he??” and Chansung responded, “Who is he…I have no idea….haha” 

Netizens commented, “I was at the airport and saw this in person. It was very funny,” “Is it Taecyeon in a Chansung mask?” “Two Chansungs = heaven,” and more.