Girl Group JQT Disbands

The girl group JQT had gained interest because of their upcoming U.S. debut. They worked with American producer Melvin Brown and had already recorded two dance tracks and one ballad track. Besides Melvin Brown, JQT worked with the producing team Ray & Renny.

However, on December 2011 the contracts of all the members with their agency GP Entertainment had expired. GP entertainment stated, “The members of JQT did not want to renew their contracts with GP Entertainment. That is why we have decided to disband JQT.”

The JQT members Min Jung, Ga Jin, Ji Eun will join up with Lee Ji Hoon’s agency and start over as a new group.

It was only on January 4 that JQT’s agency had stated, “JQT will be prioritizing radio broadcasts and concerts in America. They will debut with a trendy, club dance track. It has been produced by Ray & Renny.”