Block B Releases Official Apology, Zico Shaves Head to Show Remorse for Thai Interview

Block B released official apologies on their official fan site regarding their inappropriate behaviors and comments made during an interview with Thailand’s RYT9 on “New Artist – Block B in Thailand.”

During this interview, Block B members commented on Thailand’s recent flood, saying, “We wish financial rewards could help healing people’s damaged hearts, because all we got is money. About 7000 won?” Adding insult to injury, Block B behaved erratically throughout the interview, screaming randomly from time to time and clapping with their feet, acting like monkeys.

The YouTube video clip of this interview spread like wildfire and Block B became a hot potato within and outside of Korea. Previously on February 19, 2PM‘s Nichkhun commented on twitter, “As a Thai person, I am offended by those who speak of the Thailand floods without giving it much thoughts. Please have proper manners and understandings of Thailand, rather than coming here and acting carelessly.” Fellow 2PM members Junho and Chansung also commented on twitter, agreeing with Nichkhun. 

As an effort to put an end to this controversy, the members of Block B posted official apology letters one by one on their official fan site on February 20.

P.O stated, “We blurred the boundary between freedom and responsibility. I apologize to Thai people and fans. I am sorry for damaging national image and other Korean artists’ reputation by such behavior.” 

Zico wrote, “I am deeply ashamed of my ignorance in current affairs and failure in understanding the severity of the incident and flood victims’ sorrows as an adult.” According to Block B’s agency, Zico also shaved his head to show remorse for his mistakes. 

U-Gwon also apologized, “I feel ashamed of my insensitive and irresponsible behaviors and comments in Thailand.” B-Bomb commented, “I deeply apologize for failing to show the most basic humanity and courtesy in my words and actions and not being able to correct fellow teammates behaviors as an elderly member.”

Taeil wrote, “We’ve been called ‘too free-spirited and liberal’ before and we thought of such label only as a positive feedback and failed to acknowledge what these words might mean otherwise. When I revisited the video clip, I felt ashamed of how disrespectful we were. Now I understand why people say ‘Block B is a disgrace to your country.'” Park Kyung and Jaehyo also added, “We did not realize the seriousness of the situation and were very disrespectful. We promise to be more mature and humble in the future.”

The controversy regarding Block B’s interview in Thailand is still going on in many online forums and fanclubs. As of today at 6PM KST, Block B’s official apology letters reached 8000 views and 500~1,100 comments each.