2PM’s Nichkhun Wants Block B’s Zico to Learn from His Mistake

After igniting a slew of twitter comments criticizing Block B’s Zico for his insensitive and disrespectful remarks during a recent interview, 2PM’s Nichkhun updated his Twitter with a much more encouraging and peaceful comment.

He wrote, “Please, don’t say things like ‘wish someone would die’ but hope they would learn. Like we all do, like I did from my own mistakes.” It was in obvious reference to Zico’s recent interview, and the nasty netizen comments that followed, criticizing Zico and his behavior as something that deserves “death.”

Nichkhun, who was the first to voice his displeasure over Zico’s interview, took things under control as public criticism on Zico and the entire Block B group seemed to grow out of hands. In particular, Zico, a much younger “hoobae” artist has been receiving countless negative comments from netizens, including death threats, which made Nichkhun to step up and calm down the situation.

After seeing Block B’s interview earlier today, Nichkhun tweeted, “As a Thai person I feel offended by those who speak about the Thailand floods without thinking. Also instead of coming to Thailand and acting mindlessly, please respect the country’s manners, and only act in a proper way.” Block B apologized and released an official statement later, but their image had already taken a huge hit and netizen criticisms have been mounting over Block B’s unprofessional demeanor.