Jang Nara’s March Comeback

Jang Nara
has been working on her digital single in preparation for her comeback stage in Korea this March.

On the 20th, her agency announced that Jang Nara has completed the recording for her recent ballad piece “I Only Think of You” and her duet piece with Alex It Was You.” According to schedule, her digital single will be released in March.

Jang Nara has been taking many steps in prepration for her comeback. Recently, she completed filming for her music video in a ranch location on the East Coast of Gangwon Province’s Daegwanryung area.

Before filming for this music video, Jang Nara directly involved herself with the script work, hunting for filming locations, and has shown great enthusiasm for continuing music work while working on last year’s drama “Youthful Beauty.” This drama stars Jang Nara with her casting pick Yoon Hyun Min, originally a baseball player, but now a musical star.

Admist her work for her comeback stage, Jang Nara worked on advertising promotions for an unnamed communications company on the 17th. For half the day, she changed into five different pairs of costumes, each time showing off once again her cute, pretty, and youthful appearance.

Jang Nara singing on “Youthful Beauty”