YoonA, Taemin, Sulli, and EXO for W Korea

Get ready for a super megablast from SM Entertainment celebrities! Girls’ Generation YoonA, Girls’ Generation Seohyun, SHINee’s Taemin, SHINee’s Jonghyun, f(x) Sulli, f(x) Krystal, and EXO were a part of a shocking photoshoot together. The photoshoot was a part of a project called “W Live.” The project was a collaboration with French fashion brand “Carven.”

The concept behind the photoshoot was a Youtube broadcast of the photoshoot.

Here is a clip of one of the episodes which is titled “W Live with S.M fashionistas.”

(This clip shows the upcoming group EXO doing a photoshoot)

The clips themselves have reached over 1,800,000 views.

The actual pictures from the photoshoot will finally be released on the March edition of “W Korea.”