Yoon Il Sang Works With Shinhwa on Their New Album

Photos of composer Yoon Il Sang and various Shinhwa members at work have been posted online. Yoon Il Sang posted these photos onto his twitter on the 20th after having worked on some recording for Shinhwa’s new album.

With each upload, Yoon Il Sang added his own captions. With Kim Dong Wan‘s photo, he wrote, “One shot with Dong Wan~ A very good looking Dong Wan” and after uploading a picture with Shin Hye Sung, he wrote, “With the very kind and stellar voiced Hye Sung.”

Netizens commented with “You must be recording a Shinhwa song!” “Wow! I’m really looking forward to the creation from Shinhwa and Yoon Il Sang~” and “I wonder what sort of song it will be. I can’t wait to hear it.”  There seems to be a lot of anticipation for the joint work between Yoon Il Sang and Shinhwa.

Currently, plans are underway for Yoon Il Sang to release an album in celebration of his 21-year anniversary as a composer. Shinhwa is busily working on recording for their comeback in March.

I leave you with one of my personal favorite Shinhwa songs, “Perfect Man.”