[Exclusive] BIGBANG "Alive" Showcase on Soompi!

Hi Soompiers,

As all of you must know by now, BIGBANG is making their much-anticipated comeback! Soompi has been working with YG Entertainment to give our members the inside scoop! Please check out our exclusive BIGBANG showcase, which will be updated with information about BIGBANG’s upcoming album, “Alive,” and future exclusive opportunities for Soompiers. Right now, we are excited to deliver our exclusive written preview of the upcoming single, “Blue.” That’s right, Team Soompi scored an opportunity to listen to the single before it was released, so we could share our preview with the members and give them some hints about what to expect!

Bookmark Soompi’s exclusive showcase to read the written preview of “Blue” get all the latest updates on BIGBANG’s comeback!