Se7en’s Embarrassing Filming Experience with U.S. Rapper Lil’ Kim

Appearing on the February 21 episode of MBC Radio “Joo Young Hoon’s 2PM Date,Se7en shared his experience working with U.S. rapper Lil’ Kim for his U.S. single, “Girls,” and how he felt embarrassed during the filming of the music video. Lil’ Kim featured her rapping in “Girls” and made an appearance on the MV for free as a sign of showing friendship.

“It was really cool to work with someone I’ve only seen on TV. We took a lot of shots together (in the MV) but I was too embarrassed to review the photos later,” Se7en said.

“I was so happy and excited that day, but Lil’ Kim wore an extremely revealing outfit for the MV. So I didn’t know where to put my eyes,” he added with a laugh.

In the MV, Lil’ Kim does appear wearing lingerie and leather pants, matching her sexy image. “Girls” is Se7en’s U.S. debut single that was released in 2009. Produced by the famed U.S. R&B producer, Rodney Darkchild Jerkins, “Girls” initially sparked a lot of interest, but failed to enter the Billboard Single Chart.

You can view the full MV below!