miss A Plays Hide-and-Seek at COEX

The girls of miss A were playing the game of hide-and-seek with each other in Seoul’s COEX building.

On February 21 at 12:30 PM, miss A’s Suzy posted on her me2day, “Let’s see if we can find them, ehem! Hide-and-seek at COEX.” Immediately afterwards, Min posted on her me2day, “We have entered into COEX. Find us, find us,” along with a photo.

Suzy then posted, “Passing by Evan Records!” revealing her current location. Then Min posted, “Suzy and Jia unni just passed by. They still haven’t found us hehe,” along with another photo.

In the posted pictures, Min and Fei are holding beverages in their hands. It seems like Min and Fei were one team whereas Suzy and Jia were another team. Their hide-and-seek game didn’t only create fun for themselves but also for the fans who were in the area at the time. COEX is one of the busiest and crowded areas in Seoul with movie theaters and shopping malls.

Netizens remarked, “I want to go there so bad. I will find you!” “I want to go. What will happen to the people who find you?” “Give us some hints. I want to go too. You unnis are so pretty,” and more.

Meanwhile, miss A has recently released their newest track, “Touch,” which is making a strong presence among various music charts. They even reached the number one spot on a popular Chinese music portal site called Yin Yue Tai.