BEAST’s Son Dongwoon Almost Joined 2PM

BEAST’s Son Dong Woon revealed that he almost debuted under the JYP label. He revealed how he almost joined Nickhun and Ok Taecyeon as a member of 2PM.

On the episode of “Win Win,” which is to air on February 21, the members of BEAST revealed the behind-the-story episodes of why they were called, “Recycled Idols.” Many of the current BEAST members used to be trainees under JYP and YG.

Four BEAST members used to be JYP trainees. 2AM’s Jo Kwon said, “Lee Kikwang and I were supposed to debut in a five member group and Son Dong Woon was supposed to debut in the six member group, 2PM with Nickhun and Taecyeon.” One group was to represent exceptional vocal skills whereas the other group was to represent visual aesthetics during their debut showcase.

However, the group that shone during the showcase was neither Lee Kikwang’s five member group or Son Dong Woon’s six member group. It was the Wonder Girls. Son Dong Woon exclaimed, “The girls were too good during the showcase. The males were clearly outshone.”

Lee Kikwang also stated, “As soon as we saw the Wonder Girls’, we were like, ‘What is this?’ We were all excited for our five member, six member group but all of a sudden these girls came out of nowhere,” as he reminisced. He also revealed all of their close relationships by saying, “Jo Kwon could’ve been a BEAST member and I could’ve been a 2AM member.”