It was just revealed that Rain had his first vacation since his enlistment into his military service, and he spent it quietly. J. Tune Camp stated that Rain had a 9 day vacation that ended on February 17. The vacation was his “100 days’ vacation” and also his own 5 day vacation. Rain received a special vacation because of his superb shooting skills and stamina during training.

Rain only met with very close friends such as Kim Tae Woo and Koyote’s Bbaek Ga. The rest of the time was spent at home with his family. It was reported that Rain didn’t even tell his own managers about the vacation. His managers found out about the vacation right before Rain returned to the military.

An unnamed source that is close to Rain stated, “Rain wanted to spend a quiet vacation because he is still in the military. One should consider it as basically domiciliary confinement.”