Rumors have been going around that Kang Ho Dong will return to “Strong Heart” as the replacement for Lee Seung Gi. (Lee Seung Gi had stated that he would drop out of Strong Heart because of Drama filming and scheduling conflicts) One news source even reported this rumor on February 22. A representative of Strong Heart stated, “Lee Seung Gi’s final recording date hasn’t even been set. Right now is not the time to talk about the next MC. Also, just because the production team wants Kang Ho Dong back doesn’t mean it can happen. I am also worried that Kang Ho Dong might be hurt by these articles.”

A representative of Kang Ho Dong stated, “There is nothing decided on Kang Ho Dong returning to television.”

In September 2011, Kang Ho Dong had stated that he would temporarily retire from the entertainment industry due to tax problems.”