Sports Chosun reported that Kara Goo Hara’s contract with DSP Media would soon expire and that agencies were currently vying for the opportunity to snatch Goo Hara away.

However, Dispatch and other media sources have reported that the claim was inaccurate. A representative of DSP Media told Dispatch on February 22, “The contracts of all the original Kara members will expire in 2013, Goo Hara and Kang Ji Young’s contracts will expire in 2014.

So what was all the fuss about Kara and contracts expiring?

DSP stated, “It appears that there was confusion because currently in Japan, Kara’s contract with Universal Music Japan will expire in August, 2012. Currently, DSP Media, Kara, and Universal Music Japan are all in discussions.”

DSP also added, “The renewing of the contract between Kara and Universal Music Japan is going in a positive direction. All of the members are in discussions that are positive. It’s not like there were any contractual problems on the Japanese side.”