Son Ho Young Admits That He Dated a Girl Group Member in the Past

Singer Son Ho Young admitted that he dated a girl group member in the past from his g.o.d. days. The singer recently appeared on KBS Joy blockbuster quiz show, “The Chair Korea,” to truthfully admit various episodes as a g.o.d. member.

When asked, “I have dated a  girl group member during my g.o.d. days,” Son Ho Yong did not hesistate to admit “Yes.” Son Ho Young also kindly gave a hint by further explaining, “There was a scandal during g.o.d. days with a girl group member who also was active around the time, so it will be easy to find the answer.”

Other answers from the OX quiz are as follows: “My popularity was the best out of the other four members from g.o.d.” and “I have felt attracted to Ock Joo Hyun as a woman.” The episode will air on February 22.