Rainbow’s Jisook Opens Up About Her Mother Passing Away

In the most recent episode of “Strong Heart,” Rainbow‘s Ji Sook talked about her mother’s passing away in tears. When actress Kim Bu Sun talked about her loving relationship with daughter Lee Mi So, who was also appeared on the show, Ji Sook could not restrain her tears. This unexpected tears of Ji Sook surprised other cast members of “Strong Heart.” 

Ji Sook explained that Kim Bu Sun and Lee Mi So reminded her of her own mother, who passed away last summer. She told how she was unaware of her mother’s health issues until the very last minute. She said, “My mother passed away last summer. She had cancer, but she told me it was just a really bad cold and not to worry when she was hospitalized.”

Ji Sook’s mother did not tell Ji Sook about the severity of her illness because she worried that her health issues might upset Ji Sook badly and possibly affect her career negatively. Ji Sook finally learned about her mother’s battle against cancer only after she became unconscious. 

Ji Sook shared her story in tears, “It was like a TV drama. When I finally got to see my mother, she was so thin. I kept telling my unconscious mother that I love her. But she didn’t make it in the end.” She added, “My mother gave me so much love. I learned to be lively and cheerful from my mom. I think my mother’s going to be very proud of me since she loved ‘Strong Heart’ when she was alive.”