Super Junior’s Donghae for "Elle Girl" Magazine

Super Junior‘s Donghae posed for “Elle Girl.” In this pictorial, Donghae showcased chic black outfits and casual denim looks. His masculine yet sentimental eyes stood out greatly. 

During the interview that was conducted with the photoshoot, Donghae shared his honest opinions about his life and passion as a member of Super Junior. When asked about his feelings of being a leading Hallyu figure, Donghae answered humbly, “I think K-Pop is going to become even more popular than it is now in the future. There are many fans in different areas like Chile and Australia who would like to see us. I feel sorry and grateful since we can’t go to these places. To be honest, I want to be on a year-round world tour to see my fans.”

Donghae also expressed great pride in Super Junior, all the awards Super Junior won, and records they have been breaking. He stated, “Every time we win an award, I tear up. We, Super Junior members, discussed and pledged to keep it going, keep our status as award-winning band by winning more awards this coming year, and do something only Super Junior can do. I am so proud and happy that we kept our promise.”

The pictorial featuring Super Junior’s Donghae will appear in the March issue of “Elle Girl.” Check out more photos of Donghae from “Elle Girl” below!