Jung Gyeo Woon Surprises "Salaryman Cho Han Ji" Cast and Crew With a Snack Truck

Actor Jung Gyeo Woon, who stars in SBS “Salaryman Cho Han Ji” as Choi Hang Woo, brought a snack truck full of dumplings, soondae (Korean sausage), and uh-mook (fish cakes) to the filming set of “Salaryman Cho Han Ji” in Pyeongchangdong, Seoul during the overnight filming. 

Crew members, who were worn out by the cold weather and busy schedule, cheered loudly as they gathered around the snack truck instantly. Thanks to Jung Gyeo Woon and his surprise snack truck, actors and staff members enjoyed a brief, but much needed snack break. Jung Gyeo Woon also surprised the staff of “Salaryman Cho Han Ji” with fried chicken and pizza previously with co-star Kim Suh Hyung. 

One of the staff members commented, “Overnight shootings can be really exhausting. But the food from snack truck warms and fills us and keep us going. We are really thankful to work with Jung Gyeo Woon, who has always been very friendly and attentive to his staff.”