Yoo Ah In, Lee Min Ki, and Lee Je Hoon Come Together for a Photo Shoot

Hot icons Yoo Ah In, Lee Min Ki, and Lee Je Hoon got together for a pictorial in”Arena Homme Plus“, celebrating  the10th anniversary of Cinematheque, as well as 6th anniversary of the magazine. Cinematheque refers to a film archive with small cinemas that screens particularly classic and art-house films.

In the pictorial titled, “Arena, Meets 10th Anniversary of Cinematheque,” the three actors discussed their memories of classic films, showing love and respect for classic films and 10th anniversary of cinematheque in Korea. Yoo Ah In and Lee Min Ki participated in this project independently, while Lee Je Hoon was joined by director of “Bleak Night,” Yoon Sung Hyun

“Arena Homme Plus” aims to celebrate 10 years of cinematheque and promote the importance of it through this pictorial project. 38 important figures in film industry, including many directors and actors, came together to create 52 pages of sophisticated pictorial. The profit made from this project will be donated to cinematheque. 

This pictorial featuring Yoo Ah In, Lee Min Ki, Lee Je Hoon, and many other important film industry figures will appear in the March issue of “Arena Homme Plus.” 

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