Goo Hye Sun Was a Talented Writer from a Young Age

Actress Goo Hye Sun revealed photos and a self-composed poem from her middle school years.

On February 22, Goo Hye Sun posted on her twitter, “First year in middle school. Just around the time I was entering puberty. Autumn was so lonely then. But I really like autumn now.” Along with a tag, “Sensible middle school student,” she posted photos of herself from middle school.

Goo Hye Sun’s short hair and round eyes have been catching much attention from her fans. Some netizens have commented, “She doesn’t look like a middle school student. Looks very mature and calm;” “Is this her graduation photo? She looks pretty;” and “She is a natural beauty!”

In addition to the photos, she has posted a poem she composed at that time. The poem expresses her sad feelings as she gazes at the falling leaves of autumn, eventually disappearing from her sight. Goo Hye Sun has garnered much attention already for her artistic talent. She released a novel titled, “Tango,” exhibited her drawings at an art gallery and designed Gummy’s 4th album cover. Some netizens were amazed at her talent commenting, “She was a great writer even in her childhood.”