IU Resembles "Shrek’s" Puss in Boots?

The “Nation’s Little Sister,” singer IU was caught on camera resembling an adorable cartoon character. Recently, a picture of IU at a fan signing event circulated in several online community boards. In the photo, IU shows a wide-eyed charming expression that reminded netizens of the character Puss in Boots’s cute expression in the movie “Shrek.”

IU’s large, clear eyes, lovely smile, and even her pink knit sweater outfit brought out her innocent and youthful charms that captured the hearts of many. Netizens who have seen the photograph commented, “Really, it’s the same face as Shrek’s cat,” “Cute little IU,” “A radiant smiley face,” and other such reactions.

Meanwhile, IU will release her debut single in Japan, “Good Day” on March 2.