Kim Hee Sun Graces "W Korea" with Her Unchanging Beauty

One of the entertainment industry’s most beautiful faces, Kim Hee Sun has graced the pages of “W Korea” with her radiant beauty.

Despite having debuted more than a decade ago, Kim Hee Sun, even now in her mid-30s, shows off her unchanging looks and appeal. She was also recently in a spread for “Elle Magazine,” highlighting the charms and confidence of a mature woman.

Kim Hee Sun stepped back from the limelight for her marriage and family life. Now a mother to a daughter, she was originally cast in the SBS medical-fantasy drama “Faith.” However, the drama’s production has been delayed for two years and is going through casting again, but since there is no official word on Kim Hee Sun’s leaving the production, fans and drama viewers alike are anticipating her comeback to the small screen after six years.