Lee Min Ho’s Dual Personality for Cosmopolitan

 Lee Min Ho posed for the fashion magazine “Cosmopolitan.”

The actor who is known for having played the lead role in hit drama “City Hunter,” is featured in the March issue of the magazine. For the purpose of the pictorial which main theme is “Tenderness VS Manliness,” Lee Min Ho took on the role of a pretty boy but also portrayed the opposite.

In the first picture, Min Ho is facing a mirror and looking at the camera. He is wearing a checked pattern shirt with long sleeves and a black tie which give off a manly vibe. The way he stares at the camera/mirror, as well as the addition of men cosmetics in front of him add more to the idea of manliness.

In the next shot, Min Ho is following the same concept of “Manliness” as he faces the mirror, a hand on his face, a pose which is often seen in men cosmetics’ commercials and a gesture men do after a shave.

In the next picture, Min Ho is wearing a white long sleeved shirt and pants. He brightens up the mood as he shows off a large smile. His pose and smile give off a peaceful, tender feel.

Continuing with the same theme, Min Ho is taking on the role of a “Intellectual Romantic.” He is seen holding a copy of the “Times” magazine. As if disturbed by the camera’s presence, he has stopped reading and is showing off his attractiveness. Books litter on the table before him, reminiscent of the intellectual theme.