f(x) Sulli Thinks She is Among the Top Ten Most Beautiful Girl Group Members

f(x)’s Sulli showed confidence about her looks.

On a section of “One Night of TV Entertainment,” that aired on February 22, Ahn Sung Ki, Park Joong Hoon, Sulli and Nickhun participated in a corner where they ask questions to each other.

Veteran actor Park Joong Hoon asked Sulli, “Do you think you can be named as one of the top five beautiful girl group member in Korea?” To that, Sulli answered, no. However Park Joong Hoon modified his question to “How about the top ten?” Sulli couldn’t finish her reply and just said, “Top ten…” which caused laughter to erupt.

Nickhun then said, “I know you hear that you’re pretty a lot so now what do you want to hear?” Then Sulli replied, “I come of age next year. I want to hear that I grew. I want to hear that I escaped my child-like image.”

Netizens who watched this commented, “If it’s Sulli then it’s understandable,” “Sulli’s confidence about her looks is so cute,” “Sulli is definitely one of the top ten most beautiful girl group members in Korea!” and more.