A Pink Fans Fight for a Third Season of "A Pink News"

In another instance that shows how fans actually help out celebrities by fighting for them, A Pink fans began collecting signs for a petition that a third season of “A Pink News” would be created.

“A Pink News” is a program that had its last season 2 broadcast on February 10 through the female variety channel TrendE. A Pink fans are pushing the petition for a third season via Facebook and Twitter.

According to TrendE the petition received 20,000 signatures. Also, while this was going on the website for TrendE had too many users log on and it caused the servers to go down.

The CEO of the company that owns TrendE “Hyundae Media” stated “We witnessed the strength of social networking services through this recent event. We will strengthen the communications that go on through SNS by providing the behind stories for the program and also giving information that viewers are curious about.”

“A Pink News” began on March, 2011.