2AM Opens Teaser Website

We reported earlier that 2AM would be making a comeback in South Korea with a showcase on March 13 to release their new album. However, it looks that the date is changed to March 12. Big Hit Entertainment stated, “2AM will come back on March 12 with their second mini album after 1 and a half years.”

The teaser website was opened on February 22 (2am.ibighit.com) and it reads “The one and a half years after being separated from you.”

Fans that have come across the news stated, “I am so excited~ I bet these will be breakup songs!” “Is that a spoiler for the album? Is it related to the title,” and “Now it is time for ballad again!”

2AM has focused on their Japanese promotions for the last year and five months. Currently they have returned to Korea to finish the production of the new album.