Block B Makes Prime Time News with Controversial Interview

Rookie group Block B made the prime time news program MBC’s9 O’Clock News Desk” last night for its controversial interview in Thailand. The anchor presented, “Recently, one of our country’s idol group made an insensitive comment regarding the recent floods in Thailand. When we observe their careless attitude and comments, it’s understandable why the Thais are outraged.” 

He added, “Many of the Thai media are criticicizing the group. Some Thai media outlets are asking for the public to generously forgive them, but the anti-hallyu sentiments are growing.” The program also featured some anti-comments regarding the issue like “Hallyu is growing extremely fast. Guess Koreans think they can look down on Thais.”

The program also reported that people in Thailand commented, “Hallyu and K-Pop’s image has always been so good, but this issue has tarnished that good image” “They should educate these stars before debuting them abroad,” and more. 

Meanwhile, Block B released an official apology on its official fan site. The group’s leader, Zico, took responsibility for the group’s action and shaved his head to show their remorse.