Secret to Focus on Japanese Activities First Half of 2012

Secret will now focus on their Japanese activities. Last year in 2011, Secret debuted in Japan with their song “Madonna.” They also made “Shy Boy” a hit as well.

So how will they go about their Japanese activities this time around?

First their 3rd single “So Much for Goodbye” on February 29. This Japanese album will also include the songs “Love Is Long” and “Color of Love.”

Matching the time of the album release, Secret will hold a fan handshaking event in March.

Secret stated, “We want to meet the Japanese fans firsthand. When we promoted ‘Shy Boy’ we were supposed to have a handshake event but it did not fit in the schedule.” Secret will also have a Japanese tour from March 5-8 across the cities Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo.

Secret’s agency TS Entertainment stated, “In the first half of the year Secret will focus on their Japanese activities. Everyone is preparing very hard.”