Brave Girls Comeback With a Masculine Concept

Girl group Brave Girls picked idol boy bands as their competition.

Brave Girls had their showcase for their new mini album “Re-Issue” on February 22 at 4PM. The girl group said, “We think that we should compete with boy bands now. Our fans even noted that they should start calling us ‘oppa’ (older male) from now on.”

Brave Girls will continue to perform with the masculine concept for their comeback; they wore simple suits on their showcase stage as well.

The members said, “We think that we really need to show a different side of us. We understand that fans who waited for our sexy or cute concept might be disappointed, but hope that they would like this concept too.”

At the showcase, the Brave Girl members revealed their title song “Nowadays You” and “Without A Word” while performing “Why So Often Remix Version” and “Do You Know.” Electro Boyz and and Teen Top also appeared as guest stars.