John Park Battles Big Bang for Number One Spot

John Park’s debut mini-album “Knock” is topping the music charts.

“Knock,” released on February 22, is composed of five songs, all of which ranked among the top ten on Daum and Naver’s real-time music charts.

On the day of the album’s release, John Park and Big Bang battled it out for the number one spot on those two charts, recording number one in Naver, and number one in Daum, respectively.

To be able to compete with Big Bang points to the high quality of John Park’s debut album and critics are praising the album’s unique and soulful sound.

The mini-album’s title song, “Falling,” was composed by British band “Mama’s GunAndy Platt, and the lyrics were written by John Park himself. It was also produced by the singer.

John Park will be having his debut stage on MnetM!Countdown” on February 23.

Here is the music video for John Park’s “Falling.”

What do guys think of John Park’s debut song?