After School’s Uee and Sistar’s Hyorin are BFF?

Recently, screenshots revealing After School’s Uee and Sistar’s Hyorin’s close friendship have been garnering much attention on the online community board.

The screenshots are from a fancam at the MBC’s “Idol Track and Swim Athletic Competition” held in January 2012. Many netizens have noticed Uee and Hyorin hugging midst of a hectic crowd, calling it the “Koala Hug.” The photos of the two joking around and laughingshow their close friendship. Many netizens commented, “Uee and Hyorin are best friends. It’s nice to see their friendship,” “They are like a pair of Koalas. How cute!” and “It makes me smile watching them.”

Hyorin and Uee both have been receiving much love for their acting roles this year, Hyorin in “Dream High 2″ and Uee in “Ojakgyo Brothers.” It’s great to see them maintaining close friendship despite their busy schedules.