ChoColat’s Tia Garners Attention for Mature Look

Tia, one of the multiracial members of the new girl group ChoColat, has attracted attention for her “mature” look. Tia, who is only 15 years old, is being called a “mature youth.” Recently, an online community member posted a picture of her with the title, “Is ChoColat’s Tia Really 15?” The pictures were various shots of her taken while participating in music programs or in her down time.

Tia is 15 years old and a second year middle school student. However, in the photos she appears older than her age because of her hairstyle, make-up, and clothing. During her performances, she stands out due to her height, which also makes her appear older than the other members.

Netizens commented that, “Teens usually get growth spurts,” “Yes, she does look mature for her age,” “I think she looks older because of the make-up and clothing that she wears when she performs.”