Uee Gives Legs a Satisfied Look

Is Uee giving a little smile to her lovely legs?

That’s what some people think after viewing this picture of her. In the picture, posted on February 22, Uee is sitting on a red stool surrounded by tennis shoes. She’s wearing a hoodie and jogging shorts. On her feet are some cute, white high-tops with rainbow colored laces. She’s got her arms crossed and, according to some, it looks like she’s giving her beautiful legs a little smile. Perhaps she’s satisfied with how they look? Or maybe, she’s actually just tired from a long day and taking a little rest.

Netizens commented that, “She looks satisfied with her legs,” and “Uee is quite popular these days.” In my opinion, it looks like she’s checking out those cute shoes she has on. If she’s looking at her shoes, she’ll have to look at her legs, too. As you may know, Uee just wrapped up filming of “Ojakgyo Brothers.” Check out this funny scene with Uee.