miss A Suzy Does the Penguin Dance?

miss A’s Suzy showed the secret for keeping in shape, and it is nothing other than….

(Drum Roll Please)

The penguin dance! What?!

On February 22 Suzy appeared on SBS “One Night with TV Entertainment” and showed how you can lose weight through doing a penguin dance.

Suzy stated “People will look and say ‘what are they doing’ but this actually is a good workout.” Suzy basically acted like she was a penguin flapping its wings. Suzy added, “The more you do this work out the more you will feel your arms becoming skinnier.”

Suzy also gave the secrets to her good skin. She washes her face for 10 minutes, massages her face with cleansing oil for 4 minutes, and uses cleaning foam. Then for 4 minutes she washes off her face once again.