New e-ma CF from Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation is set to release a new commercial for e-ma on February 25 in Japan. This commercial will also feature their song “Time Machine.”

In the commercial, the girls choose to refresh their tired throats with e-ma’s throat drops. After that, the nine members all transformed into beautiful flowers within the city. The flower scenes were shot on high speed film, 33 times the speed of regular film.The camera swings a full 360 degrees around the girls as hold long spools of silk. The image changes to show them on the roof of a skyscraper, Tokyo Sky Tree, perhaps. It looks like a tall flower has bloomed in the middle of Tokyo.

As usual, the girls remained professional through the shoot. SNSD has been the “image character” or e-ma since 2011. Take a look at some behind the scenes footage and also of the commercial itself.

In their previous e-ma commercial, the girls were “shrunk” down in size. They appeared with large spoons and candies on a table. This time, they are beautiful “City Flowers.” In order to fit the filming in with their busy schedule, the commercial was shot in Seoul.