Jung Il Woo to Appear on 2 Makeup Brand Commercials

Currently Jung Il Woo is extremely popular for appearing on “Moon that Embraces the Sun.” Coinciding with that popularity, Jung Il Woo will be the model for two different makeup brands. (The two brands are under Enprani)

The company usually only hired female models, but they hired Jung Il Woo this time around for his smooth and sensual charms. Also, the company is considering going overseas (Outside of South Korea) and believes that his popularity overseas will also help.

An Enprani representative stated, “Jung Il Woo has a soft gentleman image. He also has whiter and clearer skin that most women. We believe that the popularity for ‘Moon that Embraces the Sun” will not go away anytime soon, we are anticipating that Jung Il Woo will do a lot for our brands.”

Jung Il Woo will begin filming for the makeup commercials after “Moon that Embraces the Sun” finishes its broadcast in March.