Song Hye Kyo Sues 41 Netizens for Defamation

It’s been revealed that Song Hye Kyo sued 41 netizens for falsely spreading rumors that she was in a “sponsor” relationship (prostitution like relationshp – where the stars sleep with another for monetary support) with a politician. According to the prosecutors and the police, the actress filed a lawsuit against 41 netizens for defamation at the Seoul District Public Prosecutors’ Office. 

She stated that, from September 2008 to December 2011, these netizens spread rumors like “Song Hye Kyo and politician X were in a sponsor relationship, and she gained financial support from the relationship”

During an interview last October, Song Hye Kyo talked about her alleged sponsor relationship. She revealed that she once saw a post that stated “She already has a lot of money even without the sponsor…” on her fan site. She continued on to say that she “felt bad for the other person [the “sponsor” politician] for being swept up in the issue, especially because I’ve never even met him before.”