Hong Seok-Cheon spoke about a time when he got checked for AIDS. He appeared on the tVN “Star Special Seminar Show” and the subject was “Stories About Sexuality that Men and Women Can Sympathize with.

Hong Seok-Cheon stated, “I go to the Urologist regularly. But one time the doctor said that I should get an AIDS blood test. On the AIDS test if you are positive, there are three red lines. I had three pink lines appear on mine and was extremely shocked.”

He continued, “Then we decided to do a more precise test. The 4 days that you had to wait felt like 40 years. When I received the negative test results, I wanted to fall in love.”

Hong Seok-Cheon ended the seminar with these words, “When you first come out of the closet, your parents will try to change you out of shock. However, they still have a difficult time accepting it. You don’t suddenly or forcefully become gay/lesbian. I hope that you can accept people for their sexual identity as it is.”