KARA Goo Hara Takes Netizens’ Breath Away with Unbelievable Figure

It’s no secret that KARA’s Goo Hara has one of the skinniest waists in the Korean entertainment industry – she thin waist measures at 22inch! However, the young star took everyone’s breath away with another set of photos of her unbelievable figure. Recently, photos titled “Thought She Had a Child-Like Figure, But Goo Hara Takes Breath Away with Unbelievable Backside and Waist,” were uploaded to several internet communities, surprising everyone with Goo Hara’s perfect figure.

In the photos, Goo Hara wore a figure-hugging white dress, flaunting her perfect body – especially her thin waist.

Netizens commented, “How is that waist possible,” “Those photos took my breath away,” “I wish I could her body just for a day,” and more.