Dal Shabet Adds New Communication Channel with Fans

Dal Shabet found another communication venue with fans, this time through smartphones. Mobile messenger company KakaoTalk Co. and Dal Shabet signed a strategic alliance to officially open Dal Shabet’s KakaoTalk Plus Friend page on February 27. Through the new KakaoTalk Plus Friend feature, Dal Shabet will reveal funny KakaoTalk profile pictures and have various events such as autographed CD giveaways for fans who add them as KakaoTalk Friends. 

Dal Shabet’s agency announced, “To celebrate Dal Shabet’s successful transformation shown in ‘Hit U,’ we decided to officially open KakaoTalk Plus Friend as a new way to communicate with the fans. Fans will be able to see day-to-day pictures and updates of Dal Shabet members via KakaoTalk Plus Friend in real time.” Dal Shabet hopes to get closer to their fans by appealing their natural offstage life as well as showing intense and charismatic side onstage.