miss A Suzy Looks Like an Anime Character

miss A’s Suzy wrote on her twitter February 23, “After the comeback performance with a miss A pen. Thank you fans for coming, it gave me so much pang pang pang pung pang strength ping.”

(The pen she is a play on words because it sounds very similar to the Korean pronunciation of fan. Also, “pang pang and ping” sounds are just cute words expressing exploding sounds.)

The picture that accompanied the tweet shows Suzy holding a purple pen while making a cute expression with her lips. She is wearing grey color lenses and also has brown hair. She looks unreal, just like an anime character!

Netizens that came across the tweet stated, “Suzy is the real goddess of idols,” “She looks like she has come out of a manga/anime,” and “she looks good in color lenses.”