Boyfriend for Dance Musical "Dance, If You Love"

Members of Boyfriend transformed into musical theatre performers. In Mnet’s global project “Boyfriend’s W Academy,” Boyfriend is challenged to be a part of “Dance, If You Love.” “Dance, If You Love” is a dance musical in which the story unfolds via variety of dance including jazz, techno, traditional ballet, and contemporary dance. 

The mission on this episode of “Boyfriend’s W Acadmey” challenged Boyfriend to feature in the official performance of “Dance, If You Love” after only five hours of practicing. The members of Boyfriend were very nervous, as their performances were to be judged by 15 professional dances and musical theatre performers. 

These professional performers and other cast members of “Dance, If You Love” were highly impressed by Boyfriend’s honest and serious attitude towards learning and performing. Boyfriend commented, “This is the most challenging and nerve-wracking mission we had to complete.” In the end, they were able to successfully present an authentic performance. 

This episode about Boyfriend’s clumsy and yet serious effort to become a part of dance musical “Dance, If You Love” will air on February 24 at 6pm KST on Mnet.