Jang Hyuk Wore Tights to Get with His Wife

Jang Hyuk appeared on the February 23 episode of tvN’s “Location Talk TAXI” and talked about how he met his wife.

He began with, “My wife taught Jazz Pilates at the gym I work out. I saw her and decided to sign up for Pilates.”

“I had a crush on her and had joined the class. But there were 41 women and only one other man. I believe that the man there had the same intentions that I had. We all had to wear tights and the other guy couldn’t handle it, and left within a week. It wasn’t easy wearing tights.”

“I stayed with it for 3 months. After 3 months there was a get together and I paid for everything. That day I got her phone number and began to date her. I tried to make the situation seem like it was all coincidence.”

When asked what attracted him about his wife, Jang Hyuk answered, “I ran into my wife when she was coming out of the showers. That feeling was great. If the typical speed of a movie is 24 frames it felt like 2400 frames.”

He ended by saying, “I feel sorry for my wife. She is older than me, (two years older) and it probably wasn’t easy raising our kids when we were going through a rough patch. Sometimes for filming I would not be at home for a whole week. Then, my wife had to take care of the children on her own.”