BoA’s Different Fashion Style Adds Fun to "K-Pop Star"

BoA’s refined styles are giving female viewers a different kind of enjoyment on SBS “K-Pop Star,” where she is a judge alongside producers Park Jin Young and Yang Hyun Suk.

BoA seems to prefer giving emphasis through color accessories with simple outfits, such as wearing a red dress to give point to her light skin or wearing a basic blouse with matching bead necklaces.

Not only did the singer show a sophisticated styling but also a lovely feel with her wave perm. She also displayed a chic charm by neatly tying her hair back.

BoA’s overall styling portrays a mature feminine mood—different from her onstage charm.

Fans and netizens reacted with diverse responses: “One of the reasons that I watch ‘K-Pop Star’ is because of BoA’s styles,” “BoA’s style is very pretty,” “BoA perfectly carries out all the styles. Sometimes she is chic and other times she is lovely,” and “I am as interested in her style as I am interested in her judging.”