Girls’ Generation’s Yuri and Taeyeon Play on Stage

A cute picture of GirlsGeneration’s Yuri trying to fix the clothing of Taeyeon has gathered much attention from netizens.

This picture has recently been uploaded on an online community website under the caption, “A shocked Yuri after failing to fix Taeyeon’s outfit.” The picture consists of several stills of a performance of Girls’ Generation. While dancing, one of the fringes of Taeyeon’s shirt got stuck on her shoulder and Yuri tried to pull them down. However, she accidentally pulled the sleeve along and revealed Taeyeon’s shoulder. Taeyeon played along and looked at Yuri with an angry look. Shocked by this, Yuri turned away and smiled.

Netizens were very enthusiastic about these stills and commented, “They are both so cute, they even dance cute” and “I laughed so hard, Taeyeon’s serious look and Yuri’s shocked look, it is hilarious.”