Girls’ Generation’s Jessica’s "Dazed & Confused" Photos Unveiled

Girls’ Geneation’s Jessica’s photos from the March 2012 edition of “Dazed & Confused Korea” magazine have been released.

This photoshoot is a collaboration of “Dazed &Confused Korea” magazine and Korean apparel brand, Coming Step. The photoshoot took place during Girls’ Generation’s tour of New York City in January and February of this year. Jessica’s cover photo has been shot in a studio in Korea. You can read the behind the scenes stories of the photoshoot here.

Many fans have been captivated by her fierce, sexy and chic style. Some of the netizens have commented in praise, “Jessica is the queen of photoshoot,” “She is a goddess,” and “Looking forward to more of Jessica’s photoshoot, drama, and songs.” Some netizens have also noted that most of the photos are taken at an angle that shows the left side of Jessica’s face. There are comments from netizens saying, “I want to see the other side of Jessica’s face!”

You can also check out the short behind the scenes video of the photoshoot below.