JYJ’s Yoochun Takes a Quirky Selca on the "Rooftop Prince" Set

Park Yoochun took a moment from the shooting of his new drama “Rooftop Prince” to take a picture of himself. He uploaded the photo on his personal Twitter account (@6002themicky), with a short comment about the early morning.

Netizens who have seen the photo commented, “Your floating eyes look cool,” “It looks funny,” “Good morning” and other such reactions.

The cast of “Rooftop Prince” had also taken a playful picture in between filming the SBS drama, showing their camaraderie on-set.

“Rooftop Prince” stars Park Yoochun as a Chosun-era crown prince who gets sucked into future and meets his destined love, played by Han Ji Min. The couple photo shoot of the main leads have been recently released in anticipation of the drama’s March premiere. The drama replaces “Take Care of Us, Captain.”